Aug 242015
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Summer 2015 for me was spent in England and Denmark visiting family. Although it has been over a month since I posted anything on my blog, I have been busy posting images on my Instagram and Twitter accounts.


I wanted to share some of my Instagram/Twitter images on my blog. As an expat living in Dubai, I have to say that although the desert is beautiful, I find that by summertime I am yearning for lush green grass, flowers and trees. For the most part, I avoided crowded urban areas during my holiday and instead sought out greenery and fresh air. I usually post images of food, but this summer I mostly posted images of grass, flowers and trees. In terms of food, I ate some salads but mostly I ate my mother and mother-in-law’s home cooking.


When you’re an expat, you miss the simplest things. Here are some of the things I enjoyed while on holiday. If you like the images, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter!




Instagram Collage UK1Instagram Collage UK2



Instagram Collage DK1Instagram Collage DK2


If you like the images, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter!


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  4 Responses to “My Summer 2015 in photos”

  1. I really enjoyed seeing these pictures!

  2. You did visit beautiful places during your holidays Claus