Apr 122016
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Berryfect Bilberry Powder



Unless you live in an extremely northern country, chances are you haven’t encountered bilberries yet.


Bilberries are small dark berries which grow on wild shrubs in forests close to the Arctic Circle. It is the unique combination of the cold climate along with the Northern Lights of the winter and the Midnight Sun of the summer which contributes to developing this nutritional powerhouse of a berry.


Although bilberries look similar to blueberries, they are upto four times more nutrient-dense. They contain a potent antioxidant called anthocyanin which shows itself as red and blue pigments. If you compare the colour of a blueberry and a bilberry, you will see that the skin of a bilberry is much darker – almost black. The difference in colour is even more evident when you break the berries open. The inside of a blueberry is yellowish-green while the inside of a bilberry is deep red.


Anthocyanin is beneficial to the body in so many ways. It is notable for supporting the health of your eyes by increasing circulation to your retina. It has also been shown to protect collagen which is the protein responsible for keeping your skin elastic and young-looking. Other positive effects include maintenance of your blood pressure, circulation and good HDL cholesterol levels.


Luckily, those of us who live outside of the sub-Arctic region don’t have to be denied the nutritional benefits of bilberries. Finland’s Berryfect Bilberry Powder is made from nothing but 100% whole bilberries – no additives or preservatives. Berryfect takes wild bilberries harvested at their peak, dehydrates them at no higher than 40°C (to preserve the nutritional value of the berries), and then carefully processes the berries into a powder. The powder is packaged in small individual servings, which makes them very easy to take with you when you’re on the go.


Bilberry powder has a sweet and tangy flavour which adapts to both sweet and savoury dishes to add an extra nutritional boost. You can easily add it to sweet dishes including smoothies, oatmeal, overnight bircher muesli, yogurt with honey, and buttercream icing. Alternatively, it works well in savoury dishes including salad dressings, salsa, guacamole, hummus, pasta sauce, and mashed avocado on toast. You can even pour some directly into your mouth like you would a handful of berries.


With so many options, the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination!


If you live in the UAE or MENA region, you can order Berryfect Bilberry Powder online from Bilberry.ae and have it delivered directly to you. It is also available to order from Ripeme.com (listed under ‘superfoods’).




Full Disclosure: I am always happy to work with products that I love and would personally recommend. This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Bilberry.ae, but all words and opinions are my own. I will also be developing healthy recipes for Bilberry.ae, so make sure to follow their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep updated on healthy bilberry recipes!


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