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The Farm House, Dubai


The Farm House in Dubai likes to be known as “your friendly neighbourhood shop” for fresh local organic produce. It sources most of its products from local UAE farmers, and supplements with some produce from other regions (ie. produce which does not grow in the UAE) for a bit more variety.


The Farm House is an extension of the Farmer’s Market in Dubai which has been running every Friday morning from November-April since 2010. While the Farmer’s Market is a great place to go on a Friday morning, the big challenge for local farmers was where to sell their products outside of this timeframe. Based on the popularity of the Farmer’s Market, the demand was clearly there and the farmers were becoming increasingly capable of growing their produce through the summer months by using greenhouses. The Farm House was created to meet this challenge.


The Farm House, Dubai


The Farm House wants people to realise that buying organic food does not have to be expensive if you choose local farmers. Focusing on local produce which has not been packaged and shipped from a long distance means that the organic produce which The Farm House sells is sometimes less expensive than the non-organic imported food which is sold in grocery stores across Dubai. Even when the local organic produce is more expensive, you may be surprised to see that the difference in price is not very great for a healthier product.


Organic food is free from pesticides and chemicals which cumulatively build up in our bodies. The local farms which supply The Farm House go through checks and have certificates from the Ministry of Health’s Organic Department. Some of the farms also have international certificates from certifying bodies in Italy and Britain.


Whether buying local organic produce is cost-effective or not is a personal decision and will depend on what you usually pay at your local supermarket. I made a table below where I have listed the price of some of the products currently available at The Farm House. I have also left one column blank so that you can print out the table and fill it in next time you go to the supermarket. Prices are AED per kilogram, so when you look at the prices in your own supermarket make sure you are noting down the price for a kilo of that item.


NB: These prices and products are correct at the time of writing. Organic produce is denoted with an asterisk (*).

Food Item The Farm House

(AED per kilo)

Your Supermarket

(AED per kilo)

Apple  AED 15
Aubergine/Eggplant  AED 18*
Avocado  AED 30*
Cabbage  AED 25*
Capsicum  AED 30*
Carrots AED 20*
Chicken (breast)  AED 45* for 2 pieces
Chicken (whole)  AED 45-65* for 800g-1.5kg
Cucumber AED 18*
Eggs  AED2* per egg
Ginger  AED 18
Herbs  AED 30*
Kale  AED 35*
Kiwi  AED 15
Lemon  AED 10
Lettuce  AED 30*
Melon  AED 18*
Onions  AED 15-18*
Oranges  AED 12
Pomegranate (whole)  AED 20
Potatoes AED  18*
Pumpkin/Butternut Squash  AED 25*
Spring Onions/Scallions AED 30*
Sweet Potatoes  AED 25*
Tomatoes  AED 15-17*
Watermelon  AED 14*
Zucchini/Courgette  AED 18*



If you want to read more about the cost of buying organic food in Dubai, you might find it interesting to read “Is local organic food expensive in Dubai?” by MyHealthyDxb.



The Farm House


Souk al Manzil

Downtown Dubai


(Open from 8:30am-10pm every day)


The Change Initiative

Al Barsha 1


(Open from 8am-9pm every day)


The Farm House also does deliveries in case you can’t make it out to one of their shops.


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