May 012013
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Rainbow Fruit Salad



A Rainbow Fruit Salad is really any fruit salad which is made with seven types of fruit.


The best combination will always be the one which uses the freshest seasonal fruit available, so it’s really a constantly changing recipe depending on the time of year. You would be surprised how the same fruit salad changes just by altering one or two of the fruits.



One of my favorite combinations is:
– Blueberries
– Pomegranate seeds
– Red grapes
– Canteloupe/Rock Melon
– Apples
– Oranges
– Tinned peaches (yes, I know they’re not fresh but I love adding a little peach syrup into my fruit salad)


This is a great salad to have the kids help out with. Add a dollop of thickened cream or vanilla yoghurt on top for a little something extra!




(Serves 6)



Ingredients: (You can use any combination of 7 fruits)

200g blueberries

100-150g pomegranate seeds

300g red grapes (approximately 30 grapes), cut in half and deseeded

500g canteloupe/rock melon, cut into bite size pieces

1 apple, cut into bite size pieces

2 oranges (peeled), cut into bite size pieces and deseeded

1 tin of sliced peaches in syrup (400g tin), cut the peaches into bite size pieces and reserve the peach syrup to glaze the fruit salad (you can also use any other juice you have on hand if you do not want to use peach syrup)




  1. Wash all the fruit and drain well.
  2. Cut the red grapes, canteloupe, apple, oranges and peaches into bite size pieces and toss them in a large salad bowl along with the blueberries and pomegranate seeds.
  3. Add 6 Tbsp of peach syrup (or any other juice you have) and toss until well mixed.
  4. This salad tastes great when left in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours for the flavors to develop.
  5. Serve with a dollop of thick cream or vanilla yoghurt (optional).
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