Dominus Cosecha Temprana

Sep 112015

Dominus Cosecha Temprana


Dominus Cosecha Temprana (Early Harvest) Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the southern Spanish region of Jaén, which is the world’s biggest producer of olive oil. It is made from the picual olive varietal which is used in many Spanish olive oils and is known for having a very high polyphenol content.


Dominus Cosecha Temprana is produced by a company called Montabes Vañó, S.L. (MONVA). MONVA produces all of their olive oils on their estate Virgen de los Milagros, which lies on the slopes of Sierra Magina (DOP – Protected Designation of Origin). The olives are picked by hand so that they don’t touch the ground, therefore there is less bruising and damage to the olive fruit which results in a superior oil. In fact, the entire production cycle of their olive oil, from olive cultivation to milling to bottling, takes place on their estate which means that they are able to produce very fresh oils which incur very little transport time from tree to mill.


What differentiates Dominus Cosecha Temprana (Early Harvest) from other oils in MONVA’s line is that the picual olives are harvested early in the season in mid-October just as the olives are at the initial ripening stage rather than late winter when the olives are fully ripe. Early harvest oils have higher levels of polyphenol (oleocanthal) and antioxidants than olives which are fully ripe, and also tend to be more peppery and bitter with more green grassy flavors.


I really enjoyed Dominus Cosecha Temprana Extra Virgin Olive Oil because of the vibrant green flavours which came through. My bottle came with a handy little guide which described the aromas which could be detected in the oil, and I was happy to find that I could sense each one of them (although the banana slightly escaped me).


Organoleptic Profile:

Colour (not an indicator of quality): Clean, intense green.

Aroma: Fragrant fruity aroma of green olives, with notes of freshly cut green grass,tomato plant, artichoke, green almonds and banana.

Taste: Smooth on the tongue, bitter, vibrant and spicy.

Bitterness: Light bitterness which gets progressively stronger and then ebbs out again.

Peppery: Yes, at the back of the throat.


Other information:

Company: Montabes Vañó, S.L. (MONVA)

Region: Jaén, Spain

Olive Varietal: Picual

Bottle: Dark glass (protects the oil from light exposure)

Production Date: Not on the label

Expiry Date: On the label

Acidity level: 0.11%

Peroxide level: 5.6%

Price: EUR 15 for 500mL (June 2015)


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Full Disclosure:

  • I purchased a 500ml bottle of Dominus Cosecha Temprana Extra Virgin Olive Oil. All opinions are honest and my own.


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