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Taris EVOO


Tariş is a Turkish olive oil producing company that was originally founded by local farmers in 1915. In 2001, it became ‘Tariş Olive and Olive Oil Agriculture Sales Cooperatives Union’, a group of 32 cooperatives made up of 28,000 Turkish producer-partners who collectively own and operate Tariş’ production facilities. The 32 cooperatives are from towns near the Aegean coast, such as Aydın, Balıkesir, Çanakkale, İzmir, Manisa and Muğla.


Tariş divides it’s olive oils between North Aegean and South Aegean because of the distinctive taste which is imparted from the soil and microclimate of each region. On their website, they describe the oils from the two regions as:


  • NORTH AEGEAN OLIVE OILS – This is a highly fluid olive oil specific to the Gulf of Edremit region. As a result of the climatic effect, this oil has a fresh-fruity and grassy aroma accompanied by an exquisite flavour. A mild and momentary taste of bitterness in the palate and on the tip of tongue is the characteristic of this oil.
  • SOUTH AEGEAN OLIVE OILS – Derived from the Southern Aegean olives comprising İzmir, Aydın and Muğla region, this olive oil is characterised by its darker colour, more dominant fruit flavour and less fluidity.


The olive oil I tried is Tariş’ 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is mild and fruity and is moves a little more fluidly than other olive oils I have tried so far. While the bottle doesn’t specify whether the oil is North Aegean or South Aegean, my guess is that it’s North due to its mildness and high fluidity. Here are my thoughts after trying it:


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Organoleptic Profile:

Aroma: Fruit (olive), fresh corn, tomato, nuts, lemon peel, slight fresh green grass at the end

Taste: Mild tasting olive oil

Bitterness: Light bitterness on the tongue

Peppery: Spiciness comes in slowly and then increases towards the end


Other information:

Company: Tariş Olive and Olive Oil Agriculture Sales Cooperatives Union

Region: Aegean Coast, Turkey

Olive Varietal: Not specified on the bottle

Bottle: Dark glass to protect the oil inside

Production Date: Printed on the bottle

Expiry Date: Printed on the bottle

Acidity level: Max 0.8%

Peroxide level: Not specified on the bottle

Price: EUR12 for a 500mL bottle


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Full Disclosure:

  • I purchased a 500ml bottle of Tariş 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. All opinions are honest and my own.


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