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Feb 052016

Planeta EVOO



The Planeta olive grove is set in the south-western Sicilian district of Capparrina. The location was carefully selected both aesthetically and ethically in order to protect the beautiful landscape of the area from over-development and to create employment for the local inhabitants.


Planeta currently produces three types of extra virgin olive oil, all of which are made from manually harvested olives are are DOP Val di Mazara (Designation of Protected Origin). The olive oil I am looking at in this post is their traditionally pressed oil (which includes the stones in the pressing). It uses a balance of three olive varietals traditionally cultivated in Capparrina:

  • Nocellara del Belice (50%) – notes of artichoke, tomatoes and almonds, with light spiciness and bitterness
  • Biancolilla (30%) – notes of grass, almond and fruitiness, with light spiciness and bitterness
  • Cerasuola (20%) – notes of freshly cut herbs, artichokes and tomatoes, with bitterness and medium spiciness (due to the high level of antioxidant polyphenols)


On their website, Planeta has a lot of information about their olive oils’ flavour/scent characteristics and even offers suggestions as to what to pair each oil with. This oil is recommended as being particularly good when drizzled over grilled foods and soups.


Planeta Extra Virgin Olive Oil has got wonderfully complex flavours which work very well together. The first note that hits the nose is a collection of fragrant herbs, in particular I can detect mint, sage and oregano. There is also an underlying fruity olive scent and slight citrus. On tasting the oil, I could sense artichoke followed by a little bit of seaweed (it took a few slurps, but I got it!) and a lingering woodiness which stays on the tongue. It is mildly bitter on the tongue with medium spiciness at the back of the throat.


Organoleptic Profile:

Colour (not an indicator of quality): Deep bright green colour with hints of pistachio.

Aroma: an elegant and harmonious bouquet on the nose, with fresh mint and basil combined with an aromatic touch of sage, thyme, oregano and juniper, together with citrus flowers, wood scents, artichoke, green tomato and seaweed.

Taste: The initial sensation of the palate is full, and in the mouth it is generous, fresh and pleasantly bitter at the beginning with a long and persistently spicy finish.

Bitterness: Pleasant bitterness on the tongue which gets progressively stronger and then ebbs out again.

Peppery: Medium spiciness at the back of the throat.


Other information:

Company: Planeta

Region: Capparrina, Sicily (Italy)

Olive Varietal: Nocellara del Belice (50%), Biancolilla (30%), and Cerasuola (20%)

Bottle: Dark glass

Production Date: On the label

Expiry Date: On the label

Acidity level: 0.27% (from website)

Peroxide level: Not on label


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Full Disclosure:

  • I purchased a 500ml bottle of Planeta (Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla, Cerasuola) Extra Virgin Olive Oil. All opinions are honest and my own.



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